Regionálne združenie obcí Podunajskej oblasti RZ Podunajsko

Culture and history

Culture and history in Region Podunajsko

Since old days, region Podunajsko has been very attractive because of its favourable conditions, which proves archaeological discoveries from old Iron Age. We found track of culture of Slavonic colonization, here are remains of sacral architecture in roman and gothic style, or original castles of Ugrian aristocratic generations.

Sport and recreation

Sport and recreation in Region Podunajsko

Region Podunajsko is ideal for those, who love riding sport, aircrafts, paragliding, golf or cycle-tourism – international Danube cycle-tour, which is the most famous and the most frequent in Europe. For those, who are looking for recreation, they should visit Slnečné jazerá with nearby aquapark in Senec.

RVC Rovinka

Regional education centre Rovinka

Regional education centre Rovinka (RVC) is part of Regional Association of Towns and Villages in region Podunajsko (RZOPO) and its main responsibility is to organise and manage specialized seminars for representatives of local authority.

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